Done Deal Pro Message Board/Forums Guidelines

1) These boards are open to our site’s visitors and in essence the public. We want to keep the boards useful, helpful and free of flame wars, baiting, insults, etc. The board is moderated and we will delete posts that are off-topic, off-color, disrespectful, insensitive, or that fall outside the guidelines. If a post is in question, we will make the best decision we can at the time, and then move forward. Your free expression here is not protected by the Bill of Rights since this is not a government-controlled institution. Done Deal Pro and/or our administrators & moderators may at any time, without prior notice and at our sole discretion, remove or edit any posting. You agree to indemnify Done Deal Pro and hold us harmless from any actions, claims, proceedings, or liabilities arising out of your violation of the above terms and conditions. You're responsible for all statements/posts you make. Needless to say, opinions expressed on these message boards are the opinions of the posters. Done Deal Pro takes no responsibility for posts made by our users. We cannot screen all the posts or filter through them; and thus, as distributors, fall under the Communications Decency Act of 1996, section 230.

2) Please pick ONE username and stick with it. Do not create multiple accounts. If you have a serious issue with your account, please contact us directly about your concern. We will allow users to make a onetime change from their "anonymous" username to their real (first and last) name as a username. Once this change is made it cannot be reversed. You will have the option to either have your current account closed and then re-register with your real name OR we can manually update your username so you retain your post count and the connection to your previous posts. In either case, you need to contact us first. Again, the change is permanent, so please think it through carefully. In addition, you cannot delete your own account/username. This action must be manually done by us. It is not an action or request we take lightly, so please be prepared to explain the reason for the request. (Please see further down the list regarding deleting posts.)

3) Please read or re-read your posts before posting.  If you are upset take a moment to make sure that your post is not going to make a situation worse.  Also, make sure that your post makes sense. Spelling and grammar do make a difference in the professional world for good reasons, so if you plan to be a communicator, i.e. a writer, then learn to do so now.  It will also make it easier for others to help you if they can understand what you are asking or are saying.

4) Freedom of speech does not include inflammatory comments.  Using provocative, slanderous, defamatory or threatening language is not constitutionally protected. Posts of this nature can and will be wiped from the board. If you have a personal grievance with someone else, communicate via e-mail, but leave it off of the board. Do not get into a war with them on the board, because if you do then you are no better than they are and will be dealt with as so.  Discuss and debate ideas, principles, the craft of writing, etc. not each others' personalities.

5) Please refrain from posting "empty," "unhelpful" or "snippy" comments. If you want to prove to the world how funny or clever, cute or sarcastic you can be, then go to your local comedy club and get up on stage.  If you do not have good advice to offer to a question or problem then please do not post anything at all.  We will delete unnecessary posts as needed. And please refrain from discussions/posts about politics, religion or any other hot button issues (ex. racism, abortion, etc.) since those are sensitive subjects.

6) If you have a problem with a post or someone posting on the board then either write our moderators or me directly. Do not deal directly with them yourself or try to retaliate on the board.  If you have an issue with a moderator and how they might have handled a situation, then contact the webmaster directly via the "Contact Us" link and it will be looked into.

7) These boards are run by people, just like you, in their free time. Please respect that.  It’s difficult enough maintaining the site while trying to oversee everything else.  The less "issues" we have to worry about the more time we have to make the site and its forums better.

8) Post your comments and questions in the appropriate forums.  If they are not then they will be moved to the appropriate forum or possibly risk being deleted.  If you discover your post is missing don’t automatically assume you’ve been "censored" and cry "foul."  Take the time to figure out where it was most likely moved to and or contact a moderator.

9) The "One on One" Forum is for writers to have more personal discussions with each other without having to exchange e-mails.  We do allow a little more leeway here in terms of the subject of the posts, if and when necessary, but please try your best to stay on the topic of script writing.  If you absolutely have to tell a funny joke, a story or you simply want to share a personal experience or triumph that is appropriate to share then post in this forum and this forum only.

10) Please refrain from posting images/pictures in your posts (particularly large ones) unless absolutely necessary. They slow down the message board's load time. In addition, do not post or use images for a personal photo or icon that could be offensive to others. Also, this is a site for writers so please don't over use font formatting such as bold, italics, colors, etc. A little emphasis goes a long ways and too much makes the text difficult to read. And please use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so on. Keep your text easy to read so others can understand it. Your words will be enough to get a point across.

11) Just because you disagree with someone, does not mean that you are allowed to call into question their intelligence, race, sanity, talent, gender, religion, etc.  Personal attacks are unacceptable here. That’s not to say you cannot debate a topic or have an opinion but when it comes to stating your opinion on a subject play nice and act professionally.

12) Please be respectful of others and watch your language and comments.  Discuss writing and leave sensitive issues to e-mails or some other method of communication outside this site.

13) You are more than welcome to share contact info for agent's, manager's, creative executives, producers, and so on. But please do not post people's personal/direct business e-mails on the forums unless they are posted on their company's website or it's widely known they can be given out. General e-mail accounts such as "info@" or "submission@" are fine, though.

14) You have the ability to edit and/or delete your own posts. We hope everyone will be respectful of not ruining the readability and flow of a thread they have previously posted in; but if you wish to have any or all of your posts deleted, it is your responsibility to do so regardless of how many posts there are.

15) You hereby grant the Done Deal forums a perpetual, fully paid-up, worldwide, sublicensable, irrevocable, assignable license to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display or perform, edit, translate, reformat and otherwise use user/your content in connection with the operation of the website, services or any other similar or related business, in any medium now existing or later devised, including without limitation in advertising and publicity.

16) You are welcome to share an article or info from another source but please be respectful of copyright laws and other people's "property." Just as you don't want your work being copied and passed around, appreciate and realize others do not either. To share an article, story, etc. please only post two to three (short) paragraphs at most and then link to the rest of the article. For more on the use copyrighted material, you can read a short article posted here.

17) Please don't ask a question then after people give their advice, suggestions & guidance, dismiss their help and/or delete your post because you didn't like the answers or want to simply move on. We have a number of people who visit our forums who are are trying to learn. It's inconsiderate of others' time and effort.

18) Click here to see our full Terms & Conditions of Service.

19) If you cannot adhere to the above guidelines then please find somewhere else to post.  There will be no hard feelings on our part and if needed we’ll be glad to give you some suggestions of boards better suited to your needs.  If we see anyone continuing to violate these guidelines you will be asked not to post and will lose your privilege to do so.


Your use of our message board constitutes your acceptance, and agreement with Done Deal Pro as follows: You agree you will not use the forums or chat room to publish, post, distribute or disseminate any defamatory, obscene, or other unlawful material or information about users of these forums or anyone else for that matter. You understand Done Deal Pro retains the right to review, remove or edit content posted in the forums. As a condition of your use, you agree Done Deal Pro is in no way liable for any claims arising from your use of our message board or responsible for resolving any disputes or claims arising there from. Additionally, you agree to indemnify Done Deal Pro for all claims relating to your use, reproduction of, and/or receipt or distribution of content in the forums. Done Deal Pro reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, to modify or discontinue the forums and to limit, terminate or suspend your use of the forums. Your use of the forums is your acknowledgement that you agree to the preceding terms.

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