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8x8 Screenplay Competition
11255 Morrison St. #A
North Hollywood, CA 91601
United States
[email protected]

Description: 8x8 is a screenplay contest designed by the team at 8 Sided Films to give genre filmmakers the opportunity to claim their voice, claim their independence, and claim their audience. We are doing this is in part for the simple revelry of genre film, which means we're looking for submissions with at least a dash of the fantastic, the futuristic, the paranormal or the supernatural.
Objective: To promote the independent development, production, and release of original, challenging, and performer-centric genre film. Original approaches to science-fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror are strongly encouraged!

We're here to help movies get made, and to ensure the sustainability of those efforts we require that all submissions be viable film productions at budgets under $500,000. Most of all, we're here to foster a thriving, growing relationship between our audience and the performers and filmmakers that define Hollywood's future. Entries that offer something unique and excellent to the actors involved, to the film community, and to our audience will be celebrated and rewarded!

With studios backing further and further out of the production business, the job of packaging, producing, and even financing movies has been passed on to content creators... but who in Hollywood will introduce a new filmmaker to the skills and resources to actually do it? Where is the support? Incoming film executives are plugged into a system that helps them manage their success and future. Who is willing to do the same for an up and coming filmmaker with something significant to offer the audience and the film community?

8 Sided Films is a repertory film company, which means we are a community of filmmakers and performers who have embraced the challenge of building the tools and audience necessary to producing and releasing theatrical feature films. Company founder Tennyson E. Stead brings 10 years of experience as an independent development and finance executive to the team, complimenting a 20 year career as a storyteller on stage and screen. Our efforts have yielded the support of established members of the Hollywood community, one of the most comprehensive and active social media communities in New Hollywood, and the ability to distribute feature films in theaters.

What we are offering in this contest is nothing short of full support through the development and pitching process, the opportunity to utilize 8 Sided Films as a domestic theatrical distributor for your film, and the chance to build a personal relationship with our most valuable partners in the industry - the audience.
Eligibility: Microbudget sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural or paranormal screenplays between 80 and 150 pages long
Entry Fee: $44
Type: Screenplay
Promotes: Specific Genres
Originates From: United States
Occurrence: Yearly
Sponsored By: Production Company
Start Date: 4/9/2013
Submission Deadlines: 8/31/2013
Winners Announced: February 28, 2014
Year of Origin: 2013
Rules: See for Terms and Conditions

All submissions must be feature film scripts, at least 80 pages and no more than 150 pages in length (not including the cover page).

All submissions must have an element of genre (science-fiction, fantasy, supernatural or paranormal).

All script submissions must be in PDF format.
All submissions must represent a film that can reasonably be produced at budgets less than $500,000.

Entry in the 8x8 Screenplay Competition is a 3-step process involving 1.) Filling out the submission form on (including all required fields) and pressing the "submit" button, 2.) Uploading the screenplay being submitted (in PDF) through the upload widget on, and 3.) Filling out the payment form and submitting the entry fee of $44.00 through the PayPal widget on
Anyone (such as a director or producer) can submit a screenplay, so long as they hold the copyright to any submitted materials.

Submit as many screenplays as you like! Every screenplay entered must be accompanied by a submission form and a $44.00 entry fee.

Call for entries will be closed on August 31, 2013.

Further updates will be posted on
Prizes and Awards: *See for Terms and Conditions

8 FINALISTS will receive:

Mention in a press release including the writer's name, as well as the name and logline of the screenplay*

Extensive development notes from development executive and 8 Sided founder Tennyson E. Stead*

Mentions on Twitter and Facebook*

Links to the writer's website and social media*

Live video event on the 8 Sided Forum*

Recorded video blog on the 8 Sided Forum*

Publication of a statement, in the writer's own words, describing the creator's vision for the film*

Judges will review the submitted materials of the 8 FINALISTS, the online materials and events mentioned above, as well as any audience response, and...

One GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive:


One-on-one development coaching on topics including script development, business modeling, casting, team development, budgeting, establishing production value, investment marketing, investment management, pitching, audience development, social media, media relations and more...*

Full social media support for the writer, the film, the cast and the crew*

Access to an 8 Sided Films database with contact information for over 500 agents, managers, and production companies*

Access to an 8 Sided Films social media network with over 1,000 professionals working in all aspects of independent film*

Opportunities to meet film professionals on a one-on-one basis, as necessitated by the film's development process*

Cash for development expenses equal to 8% of the revenue generated by 8x8 contest submissions...*

...and a formal certificate naming the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the 8x8 Screenplay Contest!*




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