Mon, Jun 5, 2023

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Los Angeles, CA 90064
United States
[email protected]

Contact: Tim Schildberger, Series Director
Description: Enter now for the chance to hear your script read LIVE and receive feedback from the writer of the upcoming "Jigsaw" film( of "Saw" franchise,) Pete Goldfinger. Along with writing in the horror genre, Pete has written in anime and comedy as well... a man of many talents with much "Insider" knowledge to pass on....

Every script submitted (fee is $25) is in the running to be one of 2 scripts chosen to be read in front of our audience and this month's Industry Insider, in a West Hollywood Theatre on Monday, October 30th, 2017 at 7.30pm. It's our Halloween Eve special! (Costumes encouraged!)

Our event will also be Live Streamed. So if a writer is selected from outside LA they will be able to watch online and receive feedback live from the Insider, the audience, and the online viewers - as if they are sitting in the theatre.

Whether you enter or not, join us, or tune in to watch the readings, interact with our Insider, contribute feedback and gain valuable insights into the feedback and re-write process.

This series is run by writers to help other writers improve their craft. Hearing a script read live is a vital part of the creative/re-write process, so is getting useful notes from someone in the business, especially if you don't live in Los Angeles. This is a unique opportunity...submit your script now!
Objective: To give writers a chance to hear their work read live in front of an "Industry Insider' and fellow writers, to get writers to "get out, get heard, and get better," to create a space for creatives to connect with each other in a positive and supportive community.
Eligibility: All eligible
Entry Fee: $30 - earlybird; $35 standard
Type: Screenplay, Short Screenplay, TV Scripts
Promotes: Students, Minorities
Originates From: United States
Occurrence: Monthly
Sponsored By:
Start Date: 2/1/2020
Submission Deadlines: 3/4/2020
Winners Announced: April 2019
Year of Origin: 2016
Rules: - You pay a small submission fee ($30 - earlybird, $35 standard) and send us up to 30 pages of your script as a PDF FILE. You can send us less than 30 pages - don't worry.
- We accept screenplays, TV pilots, specs, short films, web series, even stage plays. ANY GENRE.
- You can submit from anywhere because we live stream the reading . So, if your script is selected and you're not Los Angeles based you can watch online and receive all the feedback live.
- We read and select 2 writers to have their work read by actors at our monthly live read presentation.
We start fresh every month. No holdovers, but we'll give you a discount if you re-write and re-submit. Or just re-submit. But we'd prefer you did a re-write.
- You have the opportunity to receive constructive, objective comments on your submission with our Script Notes service: For an extra $35 you get entry into this month's LiveRead/LA competition, AND you'll receive up to half a page of objective, helpful notes on your pages from our Founder/Director Tim Schildberger - a writer and highly respected script coach.
Prizes and Awards: Writers selected (2):
- Hear up to 30 pages of your script read by professional actors in front of an audience.
- Immediate feedback from an Industry insider, and other writers with one goal - to help the script improve.

Attendees to the Monthly Reading also benefit:
Monday, October 30th, 2017 (suggested contribution $10) and Live Stream Viewers:
- A chance to meet an Industry Insider, get information and ask questions.
- Improve feedback skills - which improves writing skills.
- Cookies and hydration Station included for those in attendance only. Sorry online viewers.
More: To connect to your community and to get better in a positive space.




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