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Script2Comic Contest
1171 S. Robertson Blvd. #317
Los Angeles, CA 90035
United States
[email protected]

Description: Submit your screenplay, teleplay, short script, comic script or short story for a chance to have it brought to life as a comic book series or graphic novel and published by one of the top indie publishers in comics.
Objective: The SCRIPT2COMIC Contest was created by leading film, television and comic industry professionals to provide a platform for writers to see their vision made real.

Not only will the winning stories appear on shelves in comic and bookstores nationwide, they will also be optioned by leading producers for development into a film and/or television show.

Our finalist judging panel is comprised of top producers, managers, writers, showrunners and comic industry professionals who have decades of experience, awards, and are associated with billions of dollars in box office.
Eligibility: Early (4/5), Regular (5/5), Late (7/5), Last (8/5)
Entry Fee: $50 to $80
Type: Screenplay
Originates From: United States
Occurrence: Once
Sponsored By: Software / Product
Start Date: 4/1/2021
Submission Deadlines: 8/5/2021
Winners Announced: November 20, 2021
Year of Origin: 2020
Rules: The Script2Comic Contest is international and open to any individual who is 18 years of age or older at the date of entry and has access to the Internet.

Scripts are not eligible for entry if the source material has been sold, produced, or is currently under option to any third party. Adaptations are not eligible unless the underlying material is in the public domain worldwide as of August 1, 2021.

Employees, officers, directors, contractors and agents and their immediate families of the Script2Comic Contest and its respective Sponsors, Judges, Financiers, divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents are not eligible to enter.

Script2Comic Contest winners are not eligible to re-enter the winning material in future Script2Comic Contests. They are, however, eligible to enter different scripts for consideration.

If a submitted script, teleplay, comic script or short story becomes optioned or purchased between the time of submission and the end of the judging period, the applicant must notify Script2Comic and that material will no longer be eligible for an award.


The Script2Comic Contest accepts online entry only of feature film and original pilot television screenplays, short film scripts, comic book scripts and/or short stories.

Entry should consist of a screenplay, teleplay, short film script, short story or comic book and graphic novel scripts only. Do not include resumes, pitches, casting suggestions, letters, or other supporting documentation with your submission. Judges will not receive these materials. No illustrations will be accepted.

A short synopsis should be submitted as part of the entry form.

The exception is original hour-long and half-hour TV entries, which may include standard supplementary materials, such as character lists as part of the teleplay. This information would need to be included within the same file, at the end of the script.

No printed scripts will be accepted. To enter your script electronically, you must submit your script in PDF format.

All submissions should be of the length and format appropriate to the material: full-length screenplays (approximately 80 to 120 pages) or teleplays (hour-long approximately 40 to 70 pages, half-hour approximately 20 to 35 pages, half-hour multi-camera with double-spaced dialogue approximately 50 to 60) in standard industry format for motion picture screenplays and teleplays, written in English. Short film scripts can be of any length less than 20 pages, but should be in appropriate screenplay format. Streaming/commercial-free format (e.g. no act breaks) is also eligible for television hour-long and half-hour entries.

Short stories and Comic book or graphic novel scripts are also eligible. Short Stories cannot exceed 30 typed pages. Screenplay entries must be under 150 pages. Graphic novel scripts must be under 225 comic pages.

Title Page – to be fair to all writers, Title and any WGA/copyright info only on title page, no writer(s) name or contact info. This is captured on your entry form. Do not include your name or any personally identifying information on any page of your script or in the text of your synopsis.

Script file name must contain no last names or identifying information. Please note this information will be stripped by Coverfly so you will not be disqualified if you mistakenly submit a script with information in the name.

See site for full details.
Prizes and Awards: Grand Prize

*Your story will be made into a limited series or graphic novel and published by Scout Comics a leading indie publisher.

*The Grand Prize-winning property will be optioned for film and television by one or more of our production company sponsors and put into active development.

*Grand Prize winner receives a custom 'holo-foil' CGC graded copy of their first issue as well as 100 individual copies of their work.

+ More to be announced!

Special Jury Prize

*Your story will be made into a comic, graphic novel, children's book or anthology excerpt that will published by Scout Comics or another leading comic publisher.

*The The Special Jury Prize-winning property will be optioned for film and television by one or more of our production company sponsors and put into active development.

*Special Jury Prize winner receives a custom 'ivory-foil' CGC award slab as well as 100 individual copies of their work.

More: Sponsors include Mosaic, Scout Comics, Motor Content, Thunder Comic and more.




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