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Shore Scripts Script Development Fund
171 Pier Avenue, #145
Santa Monica, CA 90405-5363
United States
[email protected]

Contact: Justine Owens, Director of Contests
Description: $3,000 in Cash Prizes. Script Development and support from Shore Scripts for 2 Winners in 2023. We've helped launch the careers of 100+ writers, including deals with Sony, Blumhouse, Film4, and Hulu.

Objective: The Shore Scripts Script Development Fund offers you an opportunity to transform your story idea into a fully-functioning first draft.

This contest accepts the first ten pages of scripts, and treatments for Feature, TV, Shorts, and Animation screenplays.

The Script Development Fund is an exciting new opportunity that has been established to help emerging screenwriters find the precious time needed to finish their screenplay. Many aspiring writers struggle to find the time to write whilst supporting themselves and their families financially in other paid work. The cash awarded in this contest is intended to finance greater freedom for writers, be that taking time off work, attending a writer’s retreat, engaging childminders, or any other way the writer sees fit that will help them find time to write.

Eligibility: Open to all. 1st 10 Pages of scripts & Treatments must be written in English.
Entry Fee: $30-$40
Type: Screenplay, Short Screenplay, TV Scripts
Originates From: United States
Occurrence: Yearly
Sponsored By: Production Company
Start Date: 9/15/2023
Submission Deadlines: 11/15/2023
Winners Announced: December 18th, 2023
Year of Origin: 2023
Rules: * We accept the first ten pages of scripts, and treatments for Feature, TV, Shorts, and Animation screenplays.
* Writers who enter scripts should enter between the first 8 and 11 pages, including the Title page. Anything under or over these page lengths will not be accepted.
* Treatments should be between 5-10 pages. We do not accept treatments that are over 10 pages. The Title page does not count towards this total if it only includes the script title. If it contains more than that (details on your project), then this counts as one of the 10 pages.
* Writers from all countries are welcome to enter. All scripts and treatments must be written in English.
* The Development Fund is for projects that are still in the writing stage. Completed screenplays or films are not eligible to enter.
* The Grant Money can be spent on whatever the winners see fit to help them finish their project.

Prizes and Awards: - GRAND PRIZE WINNER - $2000.

- 2ND PLACE PRIZE - $1000.

- Both Winners will receive personalized free script feedback and development on their winning script or treatment, including:

* Two 1-Hour calls with our Head of Development, Lee Hamilton, either on zoom, Skype, or phone as preferred by both parties.

* A 6-page Free coverage report

*Two 3-Page Free coverage reports

- Each will receive a Free Screenwriting Book of their choice from Michael Wiese Productions, a Free 1-Year Pro Membership to Raindance, and an InkTip Screenwriting Prize Package including four months of free Pro membership.

- And in an initiative especially created for this contest Winners will be able to consult with representatives of the following organizations who are kindly giving their time for free to help our Winners develop their writing skills – ISA, Save The Cat, Women In Film & TV, InkTip, Pride Reads, and The British Blacklist.

- Top 5 Finalists – will each receive a free 3-Page plus 6 months of free access to Stage 32's Writers' Room.

The Two Winners will receive:

● Grand Prize Winner - $2000 Cash.
● 2nd Place Prize - $1000 Cash.
● Plus, both Winners will receive multiple rounds of FREE script coverage and development from Lee Hamilton, Head of Development at Shore Scripts, over the following year.
● Top 5 Finalists will each receive a free 3-Page coverage report plus 6 months of free access to Stage 32's Writers' Room.

In addition, Shore Scripts will offer the support of our Head of Development, providing ongoing coverage and feedback to the Winners over a period of a year.

More: The Fund welcomes submissions from screenwriters from around the world. Submissions should be in the form of a short treatment or the first 10 pages of a script that the writer is currently working on. Treatments and scripts must be in English. Projects must be personal/spec projects, and not projects you have been commissioned and paid to write by a production company or producer.

Shore Scripts does not seek to obtain any rights over your script at any time.

Plus, every writer who enters receives a FREE copy of our 40-page COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO SCREENPLAY FORMATTING.

Dates & Fees

Opening Date - September 15, 2023
Standard $30

Regular Deadline – October 16, 2023
Standard $30

Final Deadline – November 15, 2023
Standard $40

Finalists Announced – December 10, 2023

Winners Announced - December 18, 2023





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