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Literary Management Representation Agreement
Thursday, Feb 1, 2007
Literary Management Representation Agreement

DATE: __________________






Re: Management Representation Agreement between _______________ of

____________________ and _________________________ as a Writer.

Dear __________,

This is constitutes our agreement that in regard to representing you as your manager with respect to your work as a writer you hereby engage us as your sole and exclusive managers to represent you as a writer and/or producer for employment in all fields and media throughout the world for any studio, distributor or financier to include writing assignments and any writing projects covered during the term of this agreement. We hereby accept such engagement under the following terms and conditions:

1. Term of Agreement: The initial term of this agreement shall be for a period commencing on the date hereof and continuing for two years.

2. Commissions: You agree to pay us as and when received by you during and after the term hereof and you hereby irrevocably assign to us fifteen percent (15%) of the gross compensation paid and/or payable to you or any person, firm or corporation now or hereafter owned or controlled by you pursuant to or as a result of any contract covered by this agreement whether procured by you, us or any third party during the term of this agreement. Such gross compensation shall mean and include any and all monies, properties or consideration of any kind or character including but not limited to earnings, fees, royalties, bonuses, advances, allowances, profit participation or ownership interest covered during the term of this agreement.

3. Producing and Packaging: As manager/ producers, we reserve the right to produce and/or package this project and others to further its’ successful progression and thereby receive additional monies and credits normally associated with producing from production and distribution entities. None of these monies and credits shall effect you or our agreement in any way and your financial obligation to us shall be limited to commissions stated in paragraph two. Said producer’s fees and credits will be negotiated in good faith at the time of sale.

4. Signing Representative: As the signing representative of _____________________ should my association with said company cease for any reason, this agreement will continue to be binding between you and me as individuals. Our rights to attach ourselves as producers will consequently revert to me as an individual. __________________. will be due said commissions in paragraph two for any and all deals that are finalized for you during my employment with this company. Any deals finalized after the event of my leaving this company would be payable to me as an individual.

5. Cooperation: You agree to use your best efforts to cooperate with me in developing this script and others and in pitching to purchasing entities and to meet with me and other persons from time to time.

6. Warranties and Indemnities: You warrant that you have not sold, granted or otherwise disposed of your rights to this project and future projects written by you, and that you haven’t done and will not do anything that might interfere with my rights as stated in this agreement. You agree that you are the sole author of this story and future projects written by you and all rights and obligations herein are owned, secured, and registered by you. You agree to indemnify me from any costs which I might incur (including legal fees) arising out of breach by you of this agreement.

7. More Formal Agreement: A more formal agreement may be prepared containing standard terms and conditions which are customary in the motion picture and television industry in Los Angeles, California, for agreements of this kind. However, unless a more formal agreement is prepared, this is a valid and binding agreement between us and our successors and assigns.

8. Governing Law: This agreement shall be controlled by the laws of the State of California. In the event any dispute should arise between us, we each agree to submit such disputes to exclusive and binding arbitration with AAA, and each shall bear his/her own costs, including attorney’s fees incurred in connection with any such arbitration.

If the foregoing is in accordance with your understanding, kindly indicate your approval and acceptance by signing this agreement in the space provided below.


__________________________ _________________





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