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Reality TV Show Synopsis
Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020

Created by John & Jane Doe

Genre: Reality

Similar To: "The Nanny," "Marriage Boot Camp" and "Couple's Therapy"

First Season: 10 episodes

Logline: One member of a couple must find a way to “make up” for the love their significant other has always given them in their one-side relationship.

Synopsis: Each week, four different couples – straight and gay – work with a therapist and a relationship coach to balance out the love given between the two of them so it even. The first week, the couples introduce themselves and their normal routines while at home are shown. Each couple must meet with a relationship therapist where they discuss their own views of their relationship and how they see it works. They meet separately at first each offering their own take on what the relationship is like, then they meet as a couple to discuss what the reality of it all is. The goal of the season is for each couple to decide whether they want to stay together or not. Can their love find a balance? If they do stay together, a second wedding or first wedding, accordingly, will be paid for by the show and they will be sent on a dream honeymoon trip.

Once it has been clearly established there is a imbalance in the love given between the two of them, they meet their relationship coach who will work with them a couple of times a week in an effort to find a way to make things more “even” with their love.

The couples are given tools and exercises to try every day in an effort to open up communications between the two of them and to strengthen their love. Each couple will not only have to improve their daily loves but they will also have to work together to accomplish a key goal each week which is related to their relationship’s problems. The tasks will be designed to be learning moments for each person.

The one particular individual who seems to be providing the least amount of love and consideration back for their partner is challenged to find ways to do better. They are given tasks to try to show their love for their significant other whether it be preparing dinner, running errands, cooking dinner, showing their appreciation and more. But since love is never one sided, their partner must continue to show the love they always have as well as understanding for why it might not be as easy as they may think for the other to give love. Deep rooted issues and experiences are examined from their individual upbringings.

Their respective parents, siblings and friends are interviewed to find out what makes each of them tick. These individuals will also offer their own candid advice about the good & bad of the couples’ relationships and also candidly suggest what they think might help since they know the individuals best.

The first episode will be a two-hour installment. The subsequent installs will be hour-long.

The final episode will be a two-hour special which involves each couple discussing what they went through along with their family & friends and what their futures look like based on the progress made or not made. The therapist and relationship coach will offer their individual opinions on how each couple has progressed and what they can keep working and improving on.




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